Leaving the European Union

With the UK finishing it’s scheduled term under European Union ruling at the end of December 2020 we must face the challenges of both the Coronavirus pandemic and the effects of us entering in to the standard trading terms of the World Trading Organisation, and what this will bring.

In order to ensure that our business remains sustainable, we have put into effect a number of strategies, with the aim of making the transition away from EU membership as seamless as possible for both Kaby Engineers and our valued business partners.

There is still considerable uncertainty as the trading negotiations have come to a halt, and therefore our plans intentionally allow for a large degree of flexibility. We recognise that both our clients and suppliers will naturally be concerned, and we have taken into consideration the impact of potential changes to costs and delays relating to customs borders, tariffs, volatility of the exchange rate and administrative workload.

Working closely with our supply chain we have reviewed our processes and are prepared for the potential impacts following the end of our transition period of leaving the EU. We accept that policies and processes may require amendment in due course and we are ready to work with them

As a supplier to, and purchaser from Non-EU countries, Kaby Engineers are experienced in international trading. With that we do have confidence in the expertise and skill of our internal teams, and their understanding of the upcoming export procedures, and are ready to cope with and adapt to the changes necessitated by Brexit.

Given the nature of the manufacturing process we have at Kaby, we understand your interest lies in the impact of product availability and cost implications as we start the new year. We ask for you to please send any relevant information on expected changes to your usual Kaby Engineers production contact, and we will happily review your individual requirements over those critical first few weeks of navigating the new regulations.