Our Service

Getting it right. Every time.

Kaby’s total commitment to high levels of customer service is a key part of our 50-year-long success story. One of our customers summed things up rather well when they said:

“When you trust a job to Kaby Engineers, you don’t just take it on trust, you know for sure that it’s right… first time.”

Our ability to support our customers’ future needs, as well as their current requirements, is a major strength. Flexible and attuned to the market, we can support our customers be it in terms of our existing capabilities or open to add new processes to our current process portfolio.

Of course, the right machines are nothing without the right people and, at Kaby, we have a team of skilled engineers who are committed to ensuring that we utilise the right manufacturing methodology backed up by Production Control and Quality Departments which ensure your product arrives at the right quality at the right time for the right price.


Capacity built for small and large projects (maximum sizes indicated only).

CNC Turning (including multi axis)380mm-1800mm
CNC Vertical Machining-500mm1500mm
CNC Horizontal Machining-900mm900mm
Centreless Grinding300mm-1500mm
Universal Grinding508mm-1800mm
Induction Hardening200mm-1800mm


PaintingWet PaintPhosphate Coating-
WeldingMIG/TIGRobot/ManualBespoke Machine


Comprehensive list of Subcon Processes   
Laser Cutting*
Specialist Treatment

*Available from within the Kaby Group.